The ad is titled Are you a tired parent or frustrated with unwanted child?

A local Craiglist ad is looking to take unwanted children off parents hands.

KENS 5 found the ad that goes on to say Whatever the case I can pick up the new born or infant or older child and meet you wherever you feel comfortable.

Mary Walker is with Child Protective Services and said most people will likely ignore the ad, but fears someone might respond.

It's just wrong on so many levels, Walker said.

The ad suggests the woman is a mother, wife aunt and believes in God. Stop the abuse.

Sgt. Javier Salazar of San Antonio Police said they've seen this before and that those responding could face charges of child endangerment.

Anytime that there's somebody just blatantly advertising they'll come take your child off your hands that is certainly something that's a cause for concern for law enforcement, Salazar said.

Police are searching for who is responsible behind the ad.

KENS 5 responded to the ad but received a reply that the ad had already been expired or deleted.

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