CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The fight over a deal to create the world s largest airline is still brewing.

Wednesday, the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce responded to the proposed combination of US Airways and American Airlines.

Members hope they can beat the Department of Justice s block on the merger. The chamber says the merger will advance Charlotte s ability to attract new companies and create jobs.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is the number one economic development asset for the Charlotte region. As the 20th largest city with the sixth busiest airport in the country, Charlotte s ability to globally connect business leaders efficiently and affordably is critical to our region s continued competitiveness. The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce believes the merger of US Airways and American Airlines will further advance our ability to attract new companies and create jobs for our local economy.

The suit has delayed the deal by at least a month.

During a conference call, lawyers for both airlines also said Wednesday the Department of Justice got it wrong, insisting the merger will mean more competition and lower prices for customers.

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