ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Four local businesses were hit by burglars all in the same day.

Police in Rock Hill say someone pried open the front door to three businesses and tried to get inside at a fourth.

There was sheet rock hanging everywhere, sheet rock on the floor, there was dust everywhere white dust, but they never made it through, said Bats BBQ Assistant Manager, Kim Chapman.

Watch surveillance video below provided by Rock Hill PD

You can see on the wall at Bats BBQ in Rock Hill where they had to patch up a huge hole from burglars trying to get inside the restaurant. Chapman was the first to arrive and find the mess Wednesday morning.

I had goose bumps, I was scared, cause I didn't know if someone was in here still, but then I noticed they didn't come in, but yeah it scared me, said Chapman.

The suspects did make it inside next door, they busted in the door at Big Wok II and stole $200 in cash from the register and according to owners the suspects ransacked the kitchen. You can see the patched up hole where they tried to get into Bats BBQ.

While the forensics were here they got another call that someone else had been broken into, said Chapman.

Not far away, also in Rock Hill on Cherry Road, police then got a report of another burglary at In Sain's Attic thrift store and then next door at Picture Perfect Educational Supply and Gift store.

After the suspects busted in the front door, they went behind the counter, made a mess and ransacked through looking for money. There was nothing in the cash register, so they found a little petty cash hidden underneath.

In all four of the burglaries the suspects didn't make it out with much, other than causing a mess and security scare for employees.

Yeah we're a little more alert since that happened, said Chapman.

Rock Hill Police say they are reviewing surveillance video and have not made any arrests yet.

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