Burger King Fries: By now you may have heard of Burger King s new lower fat fries, the satisfry . Believe it or not, the company is promoting the fries by giving away 10 million orders on October 12 and 13. WHAT!? Read this article from USA Today to learn more!

Free Kid s Book: A free book is made possible by the Katie Woo Book Club at the Katie Woo Facebook page! Since I m not a child, or have children, or babysit, I m not sure who Katie Woo is...but her books seem popular and fun, and if it s free, it s worth checking out!

Smithsonian Magazine (Among Others):
A free subscription is available through this website here, though keep in mind you do need to take a short quiz. No codes or credit card should be required (at least it wasn t while I was using the site.) Keep in mind, offers are subject to chance at any time.

Free Starbucks Coffee: This is a feel-good kinda freebie, where if you pay it forward, and purchase a drink for someone else, you can get a free coffee. There are some details you should be aware of, and those can be found here.

As with all of Dion s Daily Deals, you have got to act fast before supplies run out or the offer changes unexpectedly. I can t stress enough how important it is to read details and know what offer you re getting. Finally, have FUN and see you on TV! Dion

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