MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- A little rain is not going to stop the annual Mooresville Christmas parade, and neither is the amount of rain that fell Tuesday afternoon.

So the 69th edition of the Mooresville Christmas Parade stepped off right on time to officially open the holiday season.

The crowds who turned out to watch were sparse because of the weather.

Many like Travis Schafer and his family chose to watch from the warmth of their cars that were parked in lots along the parade route.

I moved here in '05 and I been coming here every year, Schafer said. It s for the kids.

The parade only lasted about 25 minutes because some of the bands dropped out at the last minute due to weather.

That was disappointing for some, like Trent Compton, who did get briefly out of his SUV where his mother chose to wait inside.

It s going to be really dreary and people are going to be really mad because it is raining, and they have been looking forward to this all year, he said.

But people did come and when asked what the magic is that brings people out on a day when the weather is so bad, Travis Schafer said the reason is simple: To see Santa at the end.

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