CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are trying to solve a series of break-ins involving Habitat for Humanity homes.

I was very shocked. I don t know why people do stuff like that. We work hard for what we have and I don t understand why people would do that, said Leslie Blakeney, who owns one of the homes.

The break-ins occurred off Hey Rock Court in North Charlotte. Malesa Breelove is another owner.

This is where the robbers broke into the window. They got in, broke it large enough for them to unlatch the latch, she said.

Police say the thieves stole water heaters, plumbing, and lighting in four of the six homes that are under construction.

Now I feel a bit unsafe in my new home, and that s one thing a homeowner shouldn t have to feel, said Breelove.

Both women are frustrated, but that can t take away the joy they feel at becoming homeowners for the first time.

When they sent me that letter and said congratulations, I said, Oh my god. I was so happy, said Blakeney.

The break-ins occurred around Nov. 24 and were recently discovered, but thanks to the generosity of Habitat, the stolen items have been replaced.

The owners are grateful for that, but also upset that the charity had to dig deeper to help them because of a thief.

I think they should be prosecuted because it's not fair that people come in and come into these home and take whatever they want, said Breelove.

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