CHARLOTTE, N.C. Prosecutors are beginning to tie their case together against Justin Hurd, the man accused of murdering three people in Charlotte and Huntersville.

The murders, according to the theory laid out for the jury, were committed as part of a drug-related robbery in February 2008.

On Friday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police crime scene investigators showed the jury photos from the two crime scenes, including shots of a white Toyota Camry.

The Camry was left at the scene in Huntersville where 18-year-old Jasmine Hines body was found.

We swabbed the vehicle looking for potential DNA, said Michelle Scheuerman, a crime scene investigator who helped process the Camry for evidence.

Prosecutors have told the jury that DNA from the steering wheel of the Toyota is a match to the 35-year-old Hurd, who is originally from Ohio.

Investigators have also said Hurd s DNA was found on a plastic water bottle at a burned out home on Patricia Ryan Drive.

Inside the house were the bodies of Kevin Young, who had been shot and stabbed in the throat, and Kinshasa Wagstaff, whose throat had been slashed.

Patricia Levin, a police forensic evidence expert, showed jurors a knife that had red stains on the handle and the blade that was bent and had the tip broken off.

The presumptive testing on both areas was positive for blood, Levin told the jury.

The prosecution says it will wrap up its presentation of evidence on Tuesday.

Depending on the length of the defense case, there could be closing argument late next week.

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