CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The fiery images coming out of Kiev do not look like the city Vasyl Khokhla and his wife Mariia Khorun left behind several years ago when they moved to Charlotte.

I think the situation in Ukraine got out of control, so it s difficult to predict what's next, said Khokhla, who works in finance and accounting here in Charlotte. Some people decided that they would rather die than keep on putting up with the corruption.

The couple sympathizes with the opposition and would like to see Ukraine become more western and eventually join the European Union. They admitted it has been difficult to watch the Euromaidan revolution unfold from their TV and computer screens.

You feel -- I was there and I would maybe go, but you're like, What if they would kill me? explained Khorun. So we're happy we're here in America.

Their families are both still in Ukraine. Khorun is from Eastern Ukraine, where she says most people side with the government. Her parents believe in the revolution and are being threatened and bullied.
When they go to bed, they have their rifle with them.

Khokhla added, We are proud to see our countrymen fighting so bravely. We like to track it as much as we can. We are glad we have support of our American friends who check on us and our families. That has been comforting that people care and they are not indifferent to what's happening in some seemingly remote part of the world. Hopes die last and we hope for the better, but it is very unpredictable right now.

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