UNIONCOUNTY, N.C. -- A Union County man is accused of spying on his teenage stepdaughter in his own home.

Union County Sheriff deputies arrived to the double-wide mobile on Willoughby Road Monday night, on a report someone was lurking under the house.

Investigator charged 40 year-old Jamie Hernandez for secretly peeping, following his arrest Wednesday.

Captain Ronnie Whitaker says a neighbor confronted Hernandez when he saw him crawling under the mobile home.

Whitaker says the evidence shows an existing opening in the mobile home unit was used to gain access into the house.

Its believed Hernandez then wedged himself between the walls to gain direct access into the bathroom shower.

He had removed some of the sheet rock to the wall and there was a hole through the wall of the shower, he said.

Hernandez, shared the home with his wife and two children.

Just a sick individual, any man who does that is sick, he needs to be where he belongs, said one relative, who did not want to be identified.

She says her niece is shaken by the accusations against her own stepfather.

She is not living normal, she is scared to talk.

Captain Whitaker says, Hernandez had run away into the woods before deputies arrived.

Deputies eventually arrested Hernandez when he returned back to the home.

Hernandez was charged for same offense in 2010. It involved a juvenile, but the case was dismissed.

I hope he gets locked up and get more time for this. He shouldn t be out at all. Anybody who s got sick disease in their mind, they need to be put away, said a relative.

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