CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police spent most of Tuesday investigating a horrific case of child abuse.

A 3-year-old boy is in critical and unstable condition at Carolinas Medical Center; his mother, 23-year-old Shamika Reaves, and her boyfriend, 32-year-old Corey McCree, have both been arrested on felony child abuse charges.

Officers say the boy was severely beaten with some kind of object and suffered a head injury.

I heard a lot of banging over there about 2 o'clock last night. They made a lot of noise over there anyway, said T.W. Owens, a next door neighbor.

Officers responded to the Charlotte Express Inn off Lucky Penny Drive around 3:45 in the morning after McCree called 911 asking for Medic. Police say the boy was not conscious when they arrived.

Police spent the day questioning the couple and won't say who caused the injuries, but believe both were present, so they face the same charges.

It just reveals another side of Charlotte that people don't see and it seems no one even cares, said Bishop Steve Carlton, the pastor of No Walls Ministries, which is located next to the motel.

He says there is a lot of crime around the property, which is unfortunate because a lot of children are growing up there.

You have a lot of good parents that walk the streets, wait on their kids to get off the bus, pick them up with the cars walk them to the bus. I've seen those families that do it consistently so it's not that families don't care or ignoring the kids. A lot of time they are forced into conditions like this, said the bishop.

Owens says he wishes he knew what had been going on so he could have acted.

I would have got him out of there myself because I don't like kids getting beat up or anything like that. I love kids. I've seen that kid out here many a time when I have my door open he'll wave at me through the door, he said.

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