CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The US Department of Transportation proposed new consumer protections Wednesday aimed at revealing hidden fees they believe are difficult to determine when searching for flights.

In an interview with NBC News, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said this would be good for airline travelers. We want to make sure that when consumers are buying tickets they understand the full cost that are loaded into that ticket at the very beginning, that way they can make smarter choices.

The new proposed rules would require airlines to disclose fees for services including checked bags, carry-on bags, and advance seat assignments. Other elements would include more information in regards to on-time performance. In addition, online sites would be treated like ticket agents; telling you about fees upfront.

At Charlotte Douglas International Airport frequent traveler Linsay Pastore believes the more knowledge the better.

I think consumers should be educated. I think they should be able to make educated decisions based on what airline they want to use and fees their willing to pay. And I think those are the decisions people make when they decide if they want to fly, or drive, or stay home, she said.

NBC Charlotte talked with several air travelers for this story, all of which agreed more transparency would be a good thing for consumers. Comments of the USDOT s plan will be accepted for the next 90 days.

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