MAIDEN, N.C. -- An uninvited guest showed up to Red Wolf Farm in Maiden Thursday night.

A trail cam captured pictures of a bear on the property.

The bear is seen hanging around the big corn tubs that people usually play in while visiting. Employees keep the tubs covered at night to keep away raccoons and squirrels.

This is not the first time the bear visited the farm. Owner Josh Grant says the covers have been removed a few times now, so he set up the camera. It seems bears like to play in corn just as much as people.

I had it rigged so he couldn't get inside it this time, so he got on top of it and actually crushed it, explained Josh. That whole cover was touching the corn. He bent it! The night before, the cover had just been flipped up. I knew it wasn't a squirrel or raccoon.

Despite the incorrect date, Josh says the pictures were taken around 10 p.m. Thursday night.

So far, the bear doesn't seem interested in eating anything except the corn.

We don't have any turkeys or chickens or ducks missing. I think he's a vegan bear, joked Josh.

He set up the camera to record video Friday night, just in case the black bear returns.
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