CONCORD, N.C. A Concord man faces federal charges in connection with a bomb plot at a North Carolina abortion clinic.

Justin Carl Moose, 26, was arrested onMonday.

According to an FBI criminal complaint the investigation started with the tip from Planned Parenthood that Moose was promoting violence towards abortion providers on social web sites.

The complaint says Moose wrote on his personal Facebook page, Save a life, Shoot an abortionist.

The FBI used a confidential informant and recorded conversations with Moose.

That informant met with Moose at a Concord restaurant, saying that he wanted to destroy an abortion clinic to prevent his best friend s wife from having an abortion.

The FBI recorded the conversation and officials say Moose acknowledged the informant s story and explained how to make three different explosives, explaining the pros and cons of each item.

Moose allegedly told the informant where to get the materials to create the devices, how to monitor abortion clinics and where to put the explosives within the building.

Family members refused to talk to reporters.

However, a neighbor, who said she herself is opposed to abortion, said she could still never approve of violence.

I am not going to go blow somebody up or take something down, said Michelle Magnuson.

Moose already appeared in court in Greensboro and is expected back in court on Monday.

If convicted, he faces 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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