CHARLOTTE, N.C. Before the Whitworths left town they thought their SouthPark area home was well-protected with a German shepherd, an alarm and even a house sitter.

It turns out, that was not enough.

What was left was kind of scattered around the bed and that s the window they came in, said Steven Whitworth.

The burglars broke in over the weekend and quickly shut the bedroom door, sealing themselves off from the couple s dog. Then they stole all of the jewelry in the room, including items given to Jennifer Whitworth by Evelyn Medlin, her 71-year-old grandmother.

My grandmother, she was like a second mom to me.I saw her every day of my entire life until I went to college, Jennifer Whitworth said.

The most valuable item taken was a wedding ring. The Whitworths went to a pawn shop Wednesday afternoon, thinking they had found it but it was not there.

To know there is someone out there wearing it or turning it in just to melt it down because it means nothing to them is really hard, said Jennifer Whitworth.

The couple hopes to recover some of the items and is talking about the burglary because they want to warn others.

Your house can be locked up tight and you can feel good about it, but if your neighbors and friends don t know you re out of town nobody will think twice about keeping an eye on your place, said Steven Whitworth.

His wife is so attached to the items because her grandmother passed away last September.

Words could not tell you what it would mean.It would mean more to me than anything.It s priceless, she said.

The couple will continue to search for the items and they hope that if someone has information about their crime they will call police.

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