BELMONT, N.C. -- Belmont Police have suspended the search for a missing Charlotte woman.

Janet Simpson's SUV was found in a remote area of Belmont last Thursday but after four days of searching on land and on the Catawba River, Belmont's Chief, David James, called off the search.

We have not found any clue or anything putting Ms. Simpson there, said James.

Simpson's former husband, Michael Stephens said he had mixed feelings about the end of the search in Belmont.

It is a positive and a negative, he says. Positive in that they didn't find anything. The negative side is that we are still in the dark as to where she is.

Stephens remarried after their divorce nearly 20 years ago but says he remained close to Simpson, even acting as a pall bearer at the recent funeral for Simpson's mother. Other friends have said that she was distraught over her mother's death but Stephens says she would never have done anything to herself as some have speculated.

She did quite well going through the service and the whole bit so I really just don't think that had absolutely anything to do with it, said Stephens.

While the search has been suspended for now, James still has a nagging question about the discovery of the SUV in a parking lot off of Parkdale Drive.

You know we have no idea how the vehicle got there, he says. It is a secluded area.

James said they could never find any connection Simpson might have had to Belmont.

Stephens says when he and Simpson were married they went to Belmont, usually every Friday with their parents to eat at the popular fish camps that dot the river.

But would Simpson know how to find the end of Parkdale Road?

Not in a million years, said Stephens.

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