CHARLOTTE, N.C. A 6-year-old boy who was badly hurt in what police call one of the worst dog attacks ever, is on the road to recovery.

But it s a long road and his father is speaking out, trying to make sure that this doesn t happy to another family.

There's just something about 6-year-old Jakob Clark.

He just looks at you and smiles and you can t help but smile back. He s so full of life, says Jakob s dad, Thomas Clark. He hasn t left his son s bedside.

He struggled about whether to talk to Jakob about the attack.

I prayed about that and I prayed he wouldn't remember but he does remember, he remembers the dog, Clark says.

Just before Christmas, a pitbull mauled Jakob.

The last words he said before he went into shock was, I don't like that dog, his dad says.

The kindergartner was at his grandma's house, she shares ten acres in Mint Hill with other family.

It was a cousin s dog that was allowed to run free on the property and suddenly attacked the boy.

She heard a scream, went outside and looked and he s sitting on the sidewalk with the dog attacking him, Clark says.

Two weeks later, Jakob is now on his eighth surgery. One of his eyes is in bad shape, his face is scarred and his right arm is mangled -- he may never be able to use it again.

It s been very difficult for me and my family, Clark says. My son s going to be scarred for life and I just would hate for anyone else to have to go through this.

He says he wants other parents to know what he didn't know at the time.

Other dogs lose it and you get a puncture wound, Clark explains. This dog loses it and you end up getting mauled or a fatality. I m not for banning the breed, but I am for educating people, to know about letting their children around this breed.

It's a lesson he wishes he could unlearn but one that has come with other life lessons -- from a 6-year-old.

You know, I m supposed to be an example for him and he s set an example for us, Clark says. I admire him and he s supposed to admire his daddy.

Clark also says that while his son may be down right now, but he s not out.

I promise that you re not going to be able to tell my son he can t do something, he s going to figure out a way to do it.

The dog was immediately put down.

Jakob's grandmother was also hurt and is now recovering in a rehab.

If you d like to follow his care you can visit the family s CaringBridge website.

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