CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's a good news, bad news situation for some residents in the Steele Creek area.

Trucking companies say they're growing, which is a sign that the economy is recovering. However, it also means more hassle for their neighbors.

There were just a few homes in her Planters Creek neighborhood when Tracy Deseignora moved in a decade ago.

I would get deer, wildlife and that's what I moved out here for, she said.

She even paid extra for her wooded lot.

But now there is a steel company located just over the fence, with round-the-clock truck action. It s one of a street full of industrial businesses that now call Steele Creek Road and the surrounding area home.

Southeastern just expanded, opening its second location in the Steele Creek area last week. They brought 100 new jobs with them and say business is picking up.

That s great for the economy, but not as great for Tracy and her neighbors.

Those businesses bring more noise and more traffic.

We haven't heard any complaints at all, said Southeastern s Joe Don Ross.

We re kind of held hostage out here, Tracy said.

She says all the traffic means it can take 25 minutes just to get out of their neighborhood.

I paid for the American dream, and I didn't get it, I didn't get it.

The steel company has been working with Tracy to lessen their impact on her specifically.

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