Happy Middle-Of-The-Week Dion s Daily Deal Readers!

Thanks for a great response to yesterday s 4 p.m. show and for checking out my deals. Today I ve got a bunch of good ones, most of them food-related, and one for a good cause.

First, here s a deal from Earth Fare, to celebrate their new website. If you re on their email list, they send out amazing deals like a free pound of chicken wings with any $5 purchase. (That one was during Super Bowl time.)

This time, if you register here you ll get a FREE DINNER FOR FOUR PEOPLE with any $10 purchase. It s pretty easy to spend $10 on food at the grocery store.

Your free meal will include the following:

  • Rustic Mashed Potatoes (16-ounces from the deli department)
  • Organic Baby Carrots (16-ounce bag from produce department)
  • A whole fresh chicken (in the meat department) or you can get their Earth Fare brand
  • Veggie Burgers in the freezer case.

This Meal Deal is worth way more than the $10 you ll spend on other groceries, so I highly recommend this if you re an Earth Fare shopper.

Up next, just a couple weeks after that lawsuit against Taco Bell was filed, claiming they don t use enough real ground beef in their tacos...Taco Bell has released a Facebook coupon for a free crunchy taco! Check it out here.You do need to like their page to get the coupon. Taco Bell has since responded to that lawsuit with an ad campaign saying they do indeed use plenty of real beef in their products.

The third Deal for today is one that helps children and families in need. La-Z-Boy is donating stuffed teddy bears to the Ronald McDonald House. These Comfort Bears will be put into a RMH of your choice. Just check out their Facebook page here to make your free donation of a bear. Make sure to enter your zip code in the RMHC tab for the donation to be made.

Next is for the man in your life...

Aveda, the natural personal care products company is offering a free mini-sample tube of men s Pure-Formance Dual Action After Shave here. Just click the free sample button on the bottom right hand side of the page after you skip the intro page.

Lastly, how random...iTunes is giving away free downloads of Elton John s song Tiny Dancer. Check it here. Honestly, I don t know why they chose this song to give away for free out of all the Elton John songs... but could it be for the Super Bowl commercial?

-- Dion

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