Good Friday Everybody

It s so hard to stay upbeat when all day we ve been watching pictures from Japan (Hawaii and the West Coast too) after that huge earthquake and tsunami. Our hearts go out to everyone affected.

I did find a bunch of great food freebies you ll enjoy -- starting with an ENTIRE free bottle of Country Bob s All Purpose Sauce.

Check out the County Bob s website hereand sign up to get your free coupon. I checked and Country Bob s sauce is sold at Wal-Mart locations all over the Charlotte area and other retailers... you can do a search at the Country Bob s website.

Next, something free from Chili s if you sign up for their online club/newsletter here. From what I hear, you can get a free chips and queso cheese dip after your sign up. Read how this all works at their website.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, I popped in to buy some drinks yesterday, and saw something called Mio... a flavored liquid that s supposed to add flavor to your boring old water. (I don t think water is boring, but many people apparently do... with all the sales of Crystal Light and such.)

The Mio company was featuring free samples at their Facebook page earlier this month, and they re still available!I did sign up for the sample, and bought one too, just to see what it s like. Mine s strawberry watermelon flavored and I ll let you know how it tastes when I finally try it.

Cheers and enjoy the sunny, fabulous weekend

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