CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- After a year without a home, the Carolina Speed opened what might be the only professional football season you see in Charlotte at Bojangles Coliseum Friday night.

The team didn't play last year because of a conflict over arena space, but they are back this year for a 13-week season. Friday night was the home opener. Ironically enough, the Speedplayedagainst the Panthers....of Albany

A friend of mine said, 'Hey, I am going to work down at this pro football game. You wanna go?'and I'm like, 'What pro football game?, laughed first-timer JoeCrill. I think the Panthers might not have a season, so...

Arena footballprides itself on a faster-paced, more intimate gamethat's big on the fan experience. Friday night, attendance looked to be about 1,000.

At BofA stadium, you can't yell at a player and know that the player heard you, bragged season ticket holder James Beery.

With a lockout looming in the NFL, many fans told us it's a good substitute.

There is constantly something going on. There is no dead time.I mean, it's very exciting, observed Jeff Whitecotton. I was hoping there would be a bigger crowd than this, but it's the first weekend. Maybe next weekend there will be more people here.

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