CORRECTION as of Friday, May 27, 2011:

In several website postings on, the criminal records of the two individuals who are part owners of Kashmary Enterprises, which owns King Cab company, were inaccurately reflected. The postings should have reflected that Javed Kashmary served almost three months in federal prison in Beckley, W.V., for identification document fraud, and that Naheed Kashmary served 14 months in federal prison in Gilmer, W.V., for transaction structuring, a financial crime. Naheed Kashmary did not plead guilty to any charge regarding the purchase a fake driver's license. WCNC regrets this error.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A cab company cut by the Charlotte airport after the NewsChannel 36 I-Team revealed the criminal records of its owners is now suing the airport, saying the move was arbitrary and unfair.

King and Royal cabs are operated by Kashmary Enterprises and owned by three brothers named Kashmary.

The I-Team revealed that two of the brothers went to federal prison.

After our report, the city and the airport dropped King and Royal from a lucrative contract.

Now, the Kashmarys are suing, saying the criminal records were never part of the contract requirements.

Charlotte City Council is set to award the contract next month. Other cab companies excluded from the deal are preparing to file their own lawsuits.

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