CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- For the first time in more than 15 years a Charlotte nightclub owner has been found in contempt of court.

There is no question that party goers have a good time inside of Club Vox on Wilkinson Boulevard, but outside in the parking lot, police say there is a history of violence.

We were finding weapons in people's trunks, weapons that were on the ground after fights, said police attorney Mark Newbold.

Club Vox was padlocked last November. Owner Curtis Leake was allowed to reopen after he signed a stringent agreement requiring him to improve security.

Neighbors like Eric Jones have noticed a difference.

It's more peaceful than it was when I first moved here, he said.

As part of the agreement, all cars are supposed to be searched for weapons and drugs. But Newbold said they found problems.

We did receive some information that the owner of the club was recommending that every other vehicle be searched or in some situations vehicles not be searched at all, he said.

Police said they conducted an undercover operation to verify the information but Amanda Mingo, Leake s attorney, disputed the charge.

They didn t bring that proof into court, and he s doing everything the court has ordered of him. It was a misunderstanding, Mingo said.

Because of that misunderstanding, a judge held Leake in contempt of court Thursday. He was sentenced to 90 days, which was suspended in favor of a year s probation.

Jones does not want to see the club slide backwards and pull the Camp Green community with it.

We've been here for like five years. When we finally noticed the club had gotten shut down, it was a whole lot quieter, said Jones.

The ruling means that if the club doesn t uphold its end of the bargain, Leake could go to jail.

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