CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte family wants to move out of their bed bug infested apartment, but they can't because the future landlord wants them to get rid of the bed bugs before they move.

Allen Hollins, 10, is covered in bed bug bites. His mother is covered in the bites too. She has so many bites, Michelle Latta says, At night time I can feel them crawling in my body.

It started in the upstairs bathroom and quickly spread to her son's bedroom.

The manager at Silver Oak apartments sent pest control two weeks ago. Michelle Latta said the exterminator told her the bugs would be out of the house in a few days.

I feel like they re gone, Michelle Latta said. Yes I do.

The family is desperate to move out, but is essentially stuck in their current living conditions. They contacted NewsChannel 36 looking for a solution.

The complex they plan to move to won't allow them in until they have proof their current home is bed bug free.

I talked to the manager last Thursday, and he said within two days he would have the pest control come back out to my apartment and re-inspect the apartment, but nothing s happened, said Michelle Latta.

Except now, her current complex will no longer take Charlotte Housing Authority vouchers and they are evicting her. She says her current apartment managers have prevented her from getting proof her belongings are bug free.

I feel like I m being railroaded, said Michelle Latta.

And things only got worse as she showed us around her home. We went up to her father s bedroom and she showed us stains on his blanket and sheets from bed bugs they ve killed.

This is where they mostly hide in the seams. Oh god! There goes a big one right there and no it's not dead, it's alive! Oh my gosh, said Michelle Latta as our cameras were rolling.

She was stunned to find a live bed bug still in her home. The discovery has left her all the more upset.

And the rent man doesn't even want to send pest control back out here and I still got these things in here crawling, Michelle Latta said.

She's not alone. As we were leaving, we ran into one of her neighbors. His wrists were covered in bed bug bites.

I m not the only one. There are hundreds and hundreds of people in here dealing with the same thing, Cashawn Allred said.

We tried repeatedly to get comment from the apartment complex and the company that owns them. They sent an email telling us pest control had been out to the complex twice and that sometimes residents don't do everything they're supposed to do to help get rid of the bugs.

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