MATTHEWS, N.C. -- What began as a reported driveby shooting in Matthews on Saturday turned out to be a hoax, police said, and four teenagers who were arrested in the shooting were released.

Investigators on Sunday night were trying to piece together what happened but were being hampered by uncooperative witnesses, said town Spokeswoman Annette Privette Keller.

At first, police thought they were investigating a driveby shooting - a teen who said he was injured in a town where violent crime is rare.

Police received a report that someone had been shot about 11 p.m. Saturday on Station Street,Keller said. The witnesses told police they were walking when a vehicle drove by and someone in the vehicle shot at the group, striking a teen. Matthews police found the vehicle, and everyone inside was taken into custody, according to a release from the town.

But as officers investigated further, they found the teen's injuries weren't the result of a shooting, but of a punch through a store's window.

After questioning suspects and victims in the reported shooting on Matthews Station Street - Matthews police have determined that the person who was believed to have been shot was not injured by a gunshot, Keller said in an e-mail statement. The suspect injured himself by punching out a glass window at a nearby business in downtown Matthews.

The four suspect were released, she said.

When asked about a motive for the punch, Keller said he was angry, and emphasized that the investigation was continuing. She said police were trying to figure who should face charges, if anyone.

Police hadn't released the names of the alleged suspects or victims.

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