INDIAN LAND, S.C. -- Some neighbors in Indian Land are outraged and speaking out. They say Lancaster County is letting concrete batch plants violate zoning laws and they're paying the price.

The plants are in Perimeter Business Park off Highway 521 and Brookchase Road.

Joshua Clark lives in the Brookchase neighborhood in Indian Land, and when he bought his home the Thomas Concrete Plant was open about 200 yards behind the woods of his backyard, but he was told it wouldn't be a nuisance.

It literally will wake you up. You'll hear it at 4 in the morning and you can't go back to sleep, said Clark. I was told they only work during the day and you won't hear the noise because you'll be gone at work, but that's not the case at all.

Thomas Concrete has since been closed for over a year, but the county allowed several more to be built right behind the neighborhood in the Perimeter Business Park, which is zoned as a Light industrial park.

There's a tremendous amount of dust coming into our homes, a tremendous amount of vibration. The siding on my house moves, pictures move, added Clark.

Now the Thomas Concrete plant is trying to re-open, even though the law says they should be shut down.

Part of the rule was if they ceased operations for more than six months then they can't re-open. Well they've been closed for a year-and-a-half and now they're petitioning against the law that says they can't re-open, he said.

Clark says the homeowners have appealed to the county to enforce noise and zoning ordinances but aren't getting any help.

We feel like the county is only interested in the biggest taxpayer, which happens to be the concrete plants evidently.

Newschannel 36 put calls into both Thomas Concrete and Lancaster County zoning and didn't hear back from either of them.

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