GASTONIA, N.C. -- Late Tuesday afternoon the judge in the murder trial of Danny Hembree said he wanted to visit the house where Hembree has confessed to killing two women.

The judge said he wanted to see the house in Gaston County first before he decides on a defense request to have the entire jury see the house.

Hembree was living at the house that is owned by his mother at the time of the murders in October of 2009.

A psychologist testified at the murder trial of Danny Hembree Tuesday that Hembree had significant mental issues.

He has a reported history of depression, Dr. Dan Chartier told the jury.

Chartier was hired by the defense to do an examination of Hembree, who is being tried in Gaston County for the murder of 17-year old Heather Catterton.

The jury has already seen video taped confessions to the murder where Hembree says he suffocated Catterton.

Hembree is now claiming the confessions were made up to try to convince the district attorney to make a deal on several robbery charges Hembree was facing.

On the stand, Dr. Chartier told the jury that Hembree told him about hearing voices when no one was around and of seeing a man appear to him.

He reported once awakening and feeling that he was being held down by this man that kept appearing to him.

After completing the examination, Dr. Chartier testified about the conclusion he made concerning Hembree's mental state.

There were a number of points where in the level of analysis, normal versus abnormal, I found significant abnormal brain function.

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