CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Free purse sized Essence of Beauty hand cream from CVS!

All you have to do like click like at their Facebook page for Minute Clinic.

If you have an iPad, Mac or PC computer (really any kind of computer) you can get a digital YEAR subscription of Cosmopolitain free! This is excellent for all of you on-the-go who don't like to lug around magazines. I have digital Vanity Fair on my iPad and it's so easy to download it every month, then delete it from my library. Hurry, this one will undoubtely go fast.

Free Coke Zero coupon up to 99-cents here at Facebook.

FREE gift certificates here. It's the company's annual Feed it Forward campaign where you can give your friends and family a FREE gift certificate to a local restaurant. The only catch if you can call it that, is once you get your $10 or $20 gift certificate, you have to usually spend a minimum amount of say $30 or $40. It depends on the restaurant.

Thrill the kids with a free phone call from SANTA via google! This is neat because it s personalized with your kid s names and sometimes these offers even personalize the gift!

Get $1 any off any Blockbuster kiosk rental. Code: DOLLARDEAL lasts through Thursday (12/22) at a Blockbuster Kiosk.

Seventh Generation all natural baby wipes can be yours for free here on Facebook.

If you re a fan of group buying sites like Living Social and the myriad of others out there-- buy local and get $10 in Groupon bucks to use. Spend $10, sign up at this link and you'll automatically get your $10 credit for your next purchase.

Oh and stay tuned to the Say Yes To Carrots beauty website. They re having some issues now with their $3 off WalMart product coupon, but once it s back up and running like they posted on their wall, you ll be able to get their lip balm FREE at WalMart! Monitor the Facebook page here.

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