CHARLOTTE, N.C. A man said he felt the need to go public with cell phone video after watching a Newschannel 36 story on a teenager that ended up in a coma after being arrested earlier this month.

Michael Graham was there when 18-year-old Tanisha Williams arrested for shoplifting from Citi Trendz on Freedom Drive December 5th. According to reports, Williams was handcuffed in the back seat of the patrol car when she somehow managed to get a seat belt wrapped around her neck. Police sources told Newschannel 36 last week the seat belt was wrapped so tightly around her neck, it had to be cut off.

They had the tube on her, recalled Graham, I really thought she was dead. She was not moving. Some people were saying she died. Some saying the police beat her up, but I don't think it was nothing like that. They didn't get in the car in time, they didn't realize what she was doing.

Other people in the video can be heard shouting that police took too long to help Williams. Some offered different stories as to what actually happened to the teenager.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are not commenting on the incident at this time due to an ongoing internal investigation. Sources told Newschannel 36 police used breathing masks on Williams on scene. She has been in a coma since the incident.

Last week, the Williams family asked Newschannel 36 to help them find out what happened to Tanisha. Graham s girlfriend saw that story on Facebook and encouraged her boyfriend to come forward with his cell phone video. It was only after watching the story, Graham said he realized he was actually Facebook friends with Tanisha Williams.

Police and the Williams family have asked anyone with video or information about what happened that night to please contact them.

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