CHARLOTTTE,N.C. -- Whether you re in the market to lose some weight by going low-carb, of just want some nutritious snacks, Atkins has a new deal that could help.

This offer includes THREE Atkins nutrition/snack bars, and $5 in coupons if you re going to purchase a full-sized Atkins product later.

Hills Bro s cappuccino sample. You just have to click like and enter your name and mailing address for your sample.

If you have a Bank of America debit card or account, you can access dozens of museums for free.

Here in North Carolina, you can visit places like the Mint Museum and the Levine and more. Check out the link for your state, North or South Carolina for participating museums.

If you ve got a tween/teenaged girl at home, check out this offer for a 1-year subscription to Seventeen Magazine for just $3.60 a year!

Usually it s about $35 if you buy each issue separately, even $9.99 when you get a discounted subscription.

Use the code DEALSEEKINGMOM and you ll get the magazine for just $3.60 for all the year s issues.

Lastly, I thought I d threw in this deal, not because lots of you have yachts, but because maybe you re interested in boating or dreaming of owning a yacht.

Yachting magazine can be yours for free . The entire year s subscription is available at the link.

Please, please, please remember -- I say it almost every day: understand the deals are on a first-come-first-serve basis!

Sometimes they re so popular the companies will run out of supplies. Read all the details and enjoy.

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