CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Neighbors on Pinecrest Avenue in east Charlotte loved Blake. The adorable Jack Russell Terrier played outside his home in the Commonwealth neighborhood all the time.

So when Blake's owners couldn't find him Wednesday morning, Guy Spottie immediately jumped in to help.

He said his dog had been snatched by a coyote, Spottie said of the dog's owner. I didn't see anything. I didn't hear anything. We started looking with flashlights.

They couldn't see much in the dark, but when it became light, Spottie and the dog's owner found Blake.

His neck was broken, Spottie said.

The dog, described as full of life, had been attacked and killed by a coyote.

The attack happened in a section of Charlotte that is full of children and young families, many of whom have dogs and cats.

Oh, it's very scary, said neighbor Myrtis Manus. Manus has lived in the neighborhood for almost 50 years. We're taking over all the open land. There are houses being built everywhere. They were here first and now they don't have anywhere to go, she said.

There have been several coyote attacks in Charlotte recently. Neighbors in south Charlotte even voiced their concerns to Animal Control, only to learn that neither the state nor the city will capture the animals unless it's believed they are rabid.

Manus wants her neighbors to at least be aware of the attack.

Almost everybody on this side of the street has either an animal or a child, she said, pointing to the area where the attack happened.

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