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Hey everyone! This is Emily Joy from season 13 of Biggest Loser! If you haven't had a chance to tune-in, then you definitely should. I would love to have all my fellow North Carolinians' support!

I am so excited to be blogging about my experience on the Biggest Loser ranch on a weekly basis, starting with last night's episode.

Whew, what a way to start off the week! A trivia challenge where my Black Team managed to get EVERY SINGLE question wrong!!! Ouch! Very embarrassing, no doubt! It may look easy, seeing these questions while you're relaxing in front of the TV, but add a heavy battering ram, annoyingly deep mud pits, and the Red Team competitive nature makes your brain turn into mush (or mud for that matter!) Who knew pinto beans had more antioxidants?

Being honest, this competition got under my skin because I pride myself on knowing lots about nutrition. However, all of the smarts go out the window when you're under pressure! Plus, losing last night's challenge meant we lost gym privileges for the week and Black Team would be finding other resources for our work outs. I will say, I know that is an excuse most people can relate to..not having a gym to work out in.

Having to tell Bob Harper that we've lost the gym for a week was terrifying to us! True to form, Bob flipped out, but we could tell those wheels in his head start turning. Of course Bob has a master plan! We found ourselves lifting chairs over our heads and jumping over cans of beans (none of which were pinto, by the way!). We also pulled each other like sled dogs with our sweat shirts and did step-ups on park benches. These were just a few of the torturous outdoor tasks he had in mind.

Can I just mention that I never knew how cold Southern California could be at 7 a.m.? As we ate our breakfast each morning, we'd be seething with jealousy knowing that the Red Team was sitting pretty and keeping warm in the Biggest Loser gym while we were freezing our butts off in the cold! As miserable as it was, it obviously worked for me because I KILLED IT at the weigh in!

Your local girl here was the BIGGEST LOSER for the week! I was finally satisfied with the loss I achieved.

Last week, I was irrationally disappointed about my weight loss, but this week I was actually able to celebrate my success alongside Bob. The celebration was short-lived though, because I had to eliminate one of my teammates. Worse still, having to be the deciding vote was heart-wrenching! Sending Gail home was so hard. That woman so so sweet. She even held my hand as I was explaining my reasoning for sending her home.

So Charlotte, I'm off to another crazy week of working out and as always, giving it my all! My starting weight on the ranch was 264 and I now find myself at 235 pounds! I am ready to keep working hard and to continue my journey to a healthier me! Be sure to tune-in next week!

Peace and love -- STAY HEALTHY CLT!

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