CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Nearly a year ago, Bobcats number 3 became Trail Blazers number 3. Gerald Wallace is in Portland now, and his home in Charlotte in a private gated neighborhood, just went on the market.

It was built by a commercial contractor, broker Judy Perrell with real estate firm Dickens-Mitchener & Associates said. The door was custom made. The cabinetry is from Africa.

The house is unique in style, but even more unique is its location on 16 acres just 11 minutes from center city Charlotte.

The Curry s built this house. It was their dream house. They designed it, found the lot, Perrell said of original owners, former Charlotte Hornet Dell Curry and his wife, Sonya.

Built by the family in 1996, the estate sold to now former Bobcat Gerald Wallace in 2005.
Perrell says what attracted the Curry s here was also important to Wallace.

They like it for privacy. You know, sports people like their privacy, she said. They don t want to be out in their front yard and be like, Dell, why did you miss that shot? You lost the game.

Perrell remembers Wallace s reaction when he first stepped into the two-story great room.

When he walked in, he was very quiet, she explained. So I could never get a read. He said, Hm. I could put 20 TV s on that wall and his mother said That ain t happening. So, it didn t happen.

There are televisions pretty much everywhere else in the house, at least 12 by our count, including the area where the Curry children once played.

But it is in the master bedroom where potential buyers will find a wall of televisions, five to watch multiple games at the same time. All of this equipment is remaining with the house and it is unbelievable equipment, said Perrell.

The house does need some updates, and Perrell says the price of $1.9 million reflects that.

Gerald is smart, she said. I talked to him. I talked to Jodi, his personal assistant, and I said Look ya ll, in this market, let s get it down and give them (buyers) wiggle room to do their updating.

The house has seven-and-a-half baths along with six bedrooms. And it is in one of those bedrooms where Gerald Wallace made his biggest transformation.

Ballplayers have so many shoes. This was Gerald s shoe closet, Perrell said as she walked through the custom shelving he had installed. I ve sold several houses of players. They have incredible amounts of shoes.

Former Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme is also on that list of clients. Perrell says she was fortunate to get in early with the Panthers and at the time, the Charlotte Hornets.

These guys are young and I end up kind of like their momma, she explained of her player clients.

When they really hurts. It breaks my heart. Dell left, but I knew his home was here so I knew he was coming back.

Perrell says she tried to get Dell s son, Stephen and his wife to buy the house. The home is, after all, custom made for a pro athlete with a backyard basketball court where Stefan and his siblings spent a lot of time.

That is where those nice young kids honed their skills out there, she remembered. You d hear them out there at 11 o clock at night.

Gerald has done a lot of good work keeping it maintained, said Perrell.

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