CHARLOTTE, N.C. After another puppy mill bust in North Carolina, Charlotte's Humane Society is pushing for change.

It was all hands on deck at the Humane Society Wednesday as technicians began to care for the 33 rescued dogs found living in filth at a puppy mill in Stokes County.

There are dogs in such bad shape, some don't even know how to walk.

Many have skin and eye issues. One bulldog had a dangerous skin infection and a Shih tzu had a painful eye infection that s so bad, her eye has to be removed. Other dogs act like they ve never been out of a cage.

This is the second major puppy mill rescue Charlotte's Humane Society has been involved in recent months, and the director says something needs to be changed.

This is a whole business that is under the radar, said Executive Director Shelley Moore.

Thirty-five other states have laws restricting breeders who sell to the public, but North Carolina is not one of them.

That s why it s happening here, Moore said. It s not regulated. People know they can set up, stay under radar.

She and others are pushing for tougher laws.

It will be about three weeks before the dogs can be adopted out to homes. Until then they will be in foster care and getting medical help.

If you'd like to help, the Humane Society needs donations in the form of food and money. They have a special fund set aside to help with medical bills in these types of cases.

For more information, here s a link to their website.

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