CHARLOTTE, N.C. North Carolina s favorite son is hoping his voice will help keep President Barack Obama in the White House for another four years.

On Friday in Ballantyne, musician James Taylor appeared at a fundraiser for the Democratic National Convention with First Lady Michelle Obama. NewsChannel 36 anchor Dave Wagner sat down with Taylor, who has a legion of fans in the Carolinas and all around the world.

It always feels good (to be back in North Carolina). It feels great to see some red dirt and some long leaf pines, said the soft spoken Taylor.

For the next few months he is on tour and on a mission to keep Barack Obama in the White House.

On Taylor s hat, you'll find a small pin reading Obama 2012.

It's a 2012, pump up the spirit pin, Taylor said. I do wear it with pride. I am so, I really love this President. I love what it says about America that we were able to elect this man...and I think of him as almost uniquely honest in this political world.

James campaigned for Obama in 2008 and sees his victory in North Carolina as a validation of what he's been working toward.

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte brings a smile to his face.

It's great that North Carolina sets the stage for this event. I think it'll be great.

And Taylor says he will come to the Queen City for the convention.

Yeah, I wouldn't miss it. I will find some excuse to be down here, he added.

James' wife Kim was with him on the visit Friday. A native New Englander, she's smitten with the singer and the state.

I guess I have to say I fell in love with James first, and then I fell in love with North Carolina, she said.

The five-time Grammy Award winner sings about his childhood days in Chapel Hill in the song Copperline, and has nothing but fond memories of the area.

Growing up here as a kid, we just spent a lot of time in the countryside and the woods and that's what evokes the most for me, I guess, Taylor added.

You can't find pulled pork, not decent pulled pork in Massachusetts, Taylor said. We tend to kind of stock up on things we can't get up north when we come home to North Carolina.

President Obama has Carolina on his mind, too, and will visit the Daimler Chrysler trucks plant in Mount Holly on Wednesday.

Will we be seeing more of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer this fall in Charlotte?

If asked, I will perform. I'd love to sing Carolina in my mind for the Convention.

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