CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Nicki Radosevic is overwhelmed. She is a fourth grade teacher at Stoney Creek Elementary in Charlotte s University Area. She is also a wife and mother of two small children who is fighting cervical cancer.

I go for my third round of chemo on Monday. I have a CT scan tomorrow and I find if the chemo is working and then we just kind of go from there, she said Tuesday.

But thanks to her co-workers at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, she goes forward knowing she is not alone in her fight.

It is amazing. I couldn t ask for anything more, Radosevic said about a video just created by fellow teacher Jennifer Lee.

The video stars the schools principal, students and fellow teachers and culminates with a rap to the tune of Vanilla Ice s hit single Ice Ice Baby.

This video is kind of based on the way it was at Stoney Creek because everyone was kind of going 100 miles a minute wanting to help, Lee explained.

Some teachers had a bake sale, another made T-shirts.

So I was like, How can I help, Lee added.

Her answer, which is now on YouTube, gets the word out about cervical cancer. It also serves as a fundraising tool to help Radosevic with medical costs.

It is hard just thinking about okay, I m not going to get a paycheck this month. Yea, my medical bills are not as much as some people, but not getting that and my husband is off of work because he is taking care of me, so it is hard looking at that, Radosevic said.

We want to raise awareness to make sure that you re getting yearly Pap Smears. We want to raise awareness that cancer is real and that we re not giving up and that we re going to fight and we need help, Lee explained. And it would just be awesome if everyone in the community would rally together to help us.

Lee hopes the video will get likes on YouTube and possibly get out to a national audience as well.

To Radosevic, this effort, this display now online for everyone to see, means everything.

It is the best thing that has come out of this situation...knowing how many people are there to support me, she said.

To watch the video, check it out below or head to a site set up for Radosevic here:

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