FORT LAUDERDALE, F.L. -- A Charlotte woman visiting a Fort Lauderdale beach was injured when a Ocean Rescue truck ran her over, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported.

All I can tell you is that suddenly I was a human speed bump, Rinda Mizelle was quoted as saying.

There were tires moving over my body. I could have easily died, said Mizelle.

Mizelle was sunbathing at 800 Seabreeze Boulevard onTuesday with a pair of shorts covering her face when she said she felt the weight of the truck.

She was pulled out by lifeguards and transported to Broward General Medical Center with minor injuries, according to a report.

Mizelle told the newspaper that her injuries were more severe than what the city described.

The left side of my body got it the worst, Mizelle was quoted as saying. My right arm had to be stitched. We change my bandages twice a day.

The name of the female lifeguard responsible for the incident was not released, but the woman was put on administrative leave, the newspaper said.

The state has given sunbathers the right of way over all traffic, her lawyer John Phillips was quoted as saying.

Several women have been run over on Florida beaches in the last 24 months, and it is beyond outrageous.

Phillips has also filed a lawsuit for another woman who was run over in Volusia County.

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