CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Bishop Phillip Davis, senior pastor at Nations Ford Community Church, has apologized for comments he made before an April 15 sermon about his support for the marriage amendment.

In a letter Friday to Observer reporter Michael Gordon, who wrote the story, Davis said: I made some unprepared comments, before my sermon, about the issues of Amendment One.

I am writing to you and to the readers of the Charlotte Observer to apologize for my tone and my choice of words .... It is obvious that the matter at hand is a serious one and sensitive to all of us who are impacted.

While I have not changed my position and I do hold firm to my belief and my support of the proposed amendment, I was wrong to share my opinion in a manner that was offensive and inflammatory.

My comments should have reflected the unconditional love of Christ, and they did not and for that, I am sorry. I take full responsibility and ask for forgiveness from those I have offended.

In an April 22 Observer story, Gordon wrote: You know, we got this amendment on the ballot, Davis said, walking to the back of the church stage, then throwing his arm around a member of the men s choir as laughter grew. If I was your pastor, and I was married to him, how many of y all would be here today?

Davis told that neither he nor his church had received negative feedback following the remarks.

He said he decided to apologize after he asked some of his staff for feedback. Some, he said, told him that they wished he had chosen different words.

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