MAIDEN, N.C. -- Lab results revealed that the white powdery substance mailed to a Catawba County church embroiled in controversy did not contain any bioterrorism agents, officials said.

The substance fell out of an envelope when it was opened by an employee Thursday at Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden.

The Catawba County Sheriff s Office immediately called in a Hazmat team and closed off access to the church. Investigators say the employee who opened the envelope was taken to a hospital for tests but is OK.

The FBI joined the investigation, and a spokeswoman said the powdery substance was sent to an FBI lab for testing. On Friday, county officials said tests revealed no bioterrorism agents, and the church was reopened Friday evening.

Providence Road Baptist is the church that gained nationwide attention last month after its pastor, Charles Worley, delivered a sermon May 13 that called for putting homosexuals behind an electrified fence. His sermon was captured on a church-produced video and went viral on YouTube before the church removed the video from its website.

More than a thousand protesters gathered outside the church on the following weekend.

The church has not commented on the incident involving the powder substance. Authorities have not said what they believe the substance might be.

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