CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The temperature outside was over 100 degrees, and the sun was beaming. But that did not stop a throng of people paintings, jewelry and antiques in tow to line up outside the WCNC studios along the Billy Graham Parkway for hours.

It was the first ever WCNC-TV Trash or Treasure Day a day for viewers to come to the station with any items lying around the home and have them appraised by our team of experts, including Mike Hansen, an antiques dealer with over 44 years of experience, and Lea Ogundiran and Jennifer MacLeod from Perry's Jewelers in Southpark.

Despite a 1 p.m. start time, hopefuls started lining up at 9 a.m., hauling pickup trucks full of old plates and dishes, sewing machines, and practically everything imaginable.

Everyone had one goal in mind.

To become a millionaire of course, cried one woman who had been waiting for two hours.

While everyone found out the value of their item on the spot, a lucky few received a golden ticket. These slips of paper indicated their item had extraordinary value, and they were asked to come back on August 10 for a big live in-studio reveal.

Hansen said he and his team of researchers have, in some cases, spent hours on each golden ticket item to get the value just right.

One of the items is particularly interesting to Hansen.

This is not just a field surgery kit, it s something called a pharmacist s tantalus, and this really excites me, Hansen said.

That particular item, based on its condition, is worth a whopping $3,500 to the right buyer not bad for an item just sitting around the house.

Meantime, other standout golden ticket items include a Jackie Robinson program from 1949. The Major League Baseball gem was found at a construction site in an old file cabinet and was nearly lost.

Hansen said the folded piece of paper was worth upwards of $700.

Ultimately, our guests were pleased with their discoveries, and many of them are looking forward to coming back next month for the next installment of Trash or Treasure.

Can t wait! Thank you for doing this, beamed one woman as she left the studio.

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