CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A group of 50 to 60 protests marched through the streets of uptown Charlotte late Tuesday night, confronting police several times as officers tried to steer their route.

The group left Marshall Park after 10 p.m. and marched up Stonewall Street to South Tryon, where they had their first confrontation with police. Protesters chanted, Let us through! Let us through! and even pushed against police officers at one point, separated only by a large black tarp.

Officers outnumbered protesters, and lined up side-to-side across S. Tryon with their bikes up and batons out. Eventually, the protesters moved on but then briefly ran back to Tryon before heading out again.

At one point on South Graham Street, the group stopped in front of a condo building and chanted at people watching from a balcony. They chanted, Out of the balcony and into the street, then Bring beer, bring beer. One person shouted, And party favors! and got a few chuckles.

At another point where the crowd stopped, someone yelled, Let s move! The cops are organizing faster than we are!

The group continued for three hours up Graham Street, across Fitfth and Nineth, and down back into Marshall Park.

They re trying to work with us, said protester Jason Dowd, about police, a few hours later. They try to control us as much as they can. I look at it as they try to test their boundaries, as, I guess, we are. We just meet in the middle.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said there were no arrests.

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