CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There s some important news this week about some of the last empty land in Uptown.

You've seen the empty lots near the Greyhound bus station along Graham. Now, the state has chosen a master developer who will transform that land.

We know the name: Gateway Station. We know the concept: Somewhat like Grand Central in New York City. But, there's a lot still in the works.

Natalie English with the Chamber of Commerce says, It s about bringing all of our transportation infrastructure together; we're talking trains: Amtrak and light rail, buses, even streetcars, all feeding onto one hub with offices, stores and restaurants built up around it to create that kind of a hub in the Center City, and then the office development that might go alongside of it, and it s really close to the baseball park. So, it s going to create a lot of vibrancy on that side.

The State Department of Transportation chose a Houston-based developer to work a large group of people on the $200 million project.

Citizens and elected officials will all have an input on what they think will work best.

Gateway Station will go where the bus station is, right near Panthers Stadium and the Knights Baseball Stadium that s currently under construction.

This development means that more than just on Sundays or game days, there will be activity going on in that part of the center city, English says.

And, she says it's one more step in making Charlotte a world class city-- one that could generate a billion dollars for the city.

Some people like a suburban setting, and some people want to live in an urban setting. So, we have to provide choices so we can continue to be attractive to all kinds of people, which then makes us attractive to new jobs, she explained.

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