CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Students from six Charlotte Mecklenburg schools got the chance to listen to a person who was a part of the civil rights movement.

Dr. Angela Davis is a professor of the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Davis came to the region as a guest speaker at Davidson College, and spoke to the CMS students at a forum sponsored by the Gantt Center in Uptown Charlotte.

Dr. Davis spoke with the students for more than an hour and then answered questions from the students and teachers on an array of subjects in feminism, race relations and the struggle for social justice.

NBC Charlotte sat down with Dr. Davis after wards and asked her why she felt the need to continue to speak after all these years.

She replied, There are still many people many communities that have not been able to benefit from our struggles justice is still something to be achieved.

When Dr. King talked about going to the mountain top, he never actually told us what he saw when he went to the mountain top, and that is because the struggle for freedom is an infinite struggle that goes on and on and on.

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