( -- An 8-year-old Tennessee girl has been sent home repeatedly from school for smelling bad, according to her local district.

The child has spent 24 school days at home, despite her mother s assurance that the girl is clean.

The school district said Krystal Hensely s daughter smells so bad that it is disruptive to other students and teachers. The school district said teachers and students complain they can t focus on school.

The school has warned Hensely s daughter since October about the problem and they said if corrective measures aren t taken the suspensions will continue.

She takes a bath every day, said Hensely, But they ask her when the last time she took a bath is and she don t remember.

Hensely said her daughter been to the doctor and it s not a medical problem.

The Department of Children s Services said there is no open case on the matter.

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