CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Residents in one north Charlotte neighborhood want extra measures taken to slow drivers down along their street.

A section of Trinity Road between Edsdale Place and Elderbank Drive near Beatties Ford Road was briefly closed to allow utility workers to replace the power pole a driver had run into just before 4am Friday morning.

The pole struck the home belonging to Linda Williams.

I just heard her say, somebody hit the home, get up, get up!

Williams was asleep, but her daughter and granddaughter occupied the room struck by the utility pole. She says her daughter ran out to find one of the men trying to flee the scene.

One of them left the scene and the other one stayed here. So she hollered, Come back here. Don't run away, and he finally came back.

Initial reports states the 18-year-old driver told police the brakes on his Mercury Marquis had failed. The tire tracks leading to Williams home validates her belief that he was street racing.

Racing, yah, it's common in the area. They are doing things they are not supposed to do, she said.

Motorist speeding down Trinity has been a problem residents have been dealing with for years.

The city recently installed a stop sign, which they say many ignore.

Residents say the very visible 25 mph posted speed sign does little to deter speeders.

Something needs to be done, says Minnie Robinson.

Robinson has lived on Trinity for almost 50 years. Her mailbox and tree had been run over by careless motorists in the past.

She wonders if speed bumps will help slow drivers down.

She says she is concerned because there are many kids on bikes and who walk the sidewalks.

Williams, who has had her own fence run over by a car wants to see police beef up patrols.

We need more police out here and keep these people out of here racing, she said.

Police have not released details about the crash. Williams says she was told by police, officers are looking for a second vehicle involved.

She says the driver's father came to the scene and apologized for his son's behavior.

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