MATTHEWS, N.C. State health officials are warning anyone who comes into contact with children, especially infants, to make sure they also have their immunizations up to date.

The reason is that some illnesses that were once thought of as rare are now making a comeback. The North Carolina Department of Health reports that since 2004, the number of Pertussis cases has increased throughout the state.

There s been a change over the last 10 years, where a lot of these illnesses that used to be gone are starting to come back, particularly Pertussis, said R. Scott Spies, a doctor of pediatrics at Matthews Children's Clinic

This year, Mecklenburg County has the seventh largest number of cases of the sickness known of as whopping cough in the state, with seven cases reported. For this reason the Department of health wants everyone who is in close contact with children to make sure that they get their vaccinations, even if they had one as a child.

You could potentially expose children, in which case it would be life threatening, said Dr. Spies. It is recommended to anyone who is around children, or if they are of child bearing age, they should get a vaccine booster, he said.

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