SALISBURY, N.C. -- Erica Parsons adoptive parents continue to fight for custody of their kids.

Thursday, they met with DSS workers and attempted to meet with investigators from the Rowan County Sheriff s Office.

Carlyle Sherrill, the Parsones' attorney told NBC Charlotte, They are distraught. They're frustrated, trying to find Erica. They are cooperating with law enforcement doing everything they can to find Erica.

Erica s adoptive parents spent the morning meeting with DSS workers about the custody of their two youngest children, taken away last month.

Sherrill said, Their house is empty without them, and then you add the frustration of trying to get their children back, trying to help law enforcement do something, in finding Erica. It's very frustrating for them.

There was more frustration, he says, in the afternoon when the couple briefly met with Rowan County Sheriff s Office deputies. He says it was a meeting the investigators asked for but quickly abandoned.

There was a miscommunication. We thought we were supposed to be able to do something after the meeting with DSS, but there was a miscommunication and we weren't able to accomplish anything.

Sherrill told reporters the couple was hoping for an update on the case, but that didn t happen.

We sat down with them today. We just didn t get anything accomplished.

No one is charged with any crime in this case. Erica was reported missing six weeks ago.

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