COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- Premiums in South Carolina for a mid-range health insurance plan accessible next week will be $339 a month on average.

That's according to federal figures released Wednesday ahead of the Oct. 1 launch of the online insurance marketplace created under the federal health care law.

The law requires participating insurers to offer plans within bronze, silver, gold and platinum tiers, with platinum offering the highest benefits.

Premiums amounts will vary widely.

But the agency says a 27-year-old nonsmoker in South Carolina making $25,000 a year would pay $223 monthly on average for the second-lowest health plan within the silver level. Federal subsidies would drop out-of-pocket costs to $145.

A family of four with a $50,000 income would pay $809 a month without the tax credit and $282 with it.

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