YORKCOUNTY, N.C. -- Warrants obtained by NBCCharlotte Sunday reveal the bizarre details after two women were found dead over the weekend.

According to the warrants, officers were dispatched to 5304 Mount Gallant Road in Rock Hill after a fight and reports that someone had been hit by a vehicle.

When officers arrived, witnesses pointed them to 5296 Woodside Drive and a short time later, they found the first victim, Sandy Drawdy Thomas.

According to the warrants, Sandy had trauma to her head and was found dead lying near the road.

As the responding officers began looking for the suspect, two additional victims were located at 5316 Mt. Gallant Road.

One of the victims -- Curtis Alan Sisk, 60, was found bloody and sitting inside the door frame to an SUV, despite his head injuries, Sisk was alert officials said.

As Sisk was being treated for his injuries, Sandra Marie Grose was found dead. She too - like Sandy and Curtis had trauma to her head, according to the warrants.

As law enforcement continued to secure the scene, the suspect -- Joshua Grose, was seen naked and walking out the back door.

The documents noted it appeared Grose had showed. He was immediately placed into custody.

It was later determined that Grose stole the SUVwhere Sisk was found, and ran over Sandra and Sandy killing them.

The SUV Tahoe belonged to William Thomas.

It was not immediately clear the relationship between Grose and the victims.

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