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The first one is in an old cemetery in the Charlotte area. Looks as if something with a human shape crosses the path.

Next is a series taken at Gold Hill, NC there is a red anomaly in the first picture. In the second picture, our investigator had experienced spiking on her EMF meter, and asked the spirit to be in the shot with her. At that point, another investigator snapped this photo.

Then our investigator asked the spirit if it would be in the picture with another investigator on the ground, we snapped a second picture and the light literally jumped from our female investigator to the male investigator. Looks as if the entity complied with her request.

Next is a shot of the storeroom at Lake Todd Fish Camp in Kannapolis. The black mist in the corner is most interesting.

Finally a series taken at an old abandoned cemetery in South Carolina. The camera was on a tripod and it was a cold, and clear night in January.

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