ROCK HILL, S.C. -- A month after the Obamacare Web site launched, South Carolina Republicans are speaking out. They say not only is the plan hurting taxpayers, but small business as well.

We're very scared. Just bluntly, we're afraid, said DES Training Chief Instructor DeWayne Saunders.

Saunders and his wife run DES Training in Rock Hill. They're a small business that trains civilians and law enforcement in firearms. Now they're the ones firing back against Obamacare and how it's going to hurt their growth.

Instead of expanding in first quarter of 2014, we're holding back. We're just not going to even go, for a part-time employee right now, said Saunders.

South Carolina GOP officials, along with local politicians, gathered at DES Training Thursday to discuss the failures they say Obamacare is causing South Carolina.

We know what's in it. It's higher costs for premiums and higher costs for taxpayers, said SCGOP Chairman, Matt Moore.

Also there was Dr. Brit Blackell, chairman of York County Council who was speaking out as a doctor impacted by Obamacare.

The doctors have lost total ability to take care of the patient. We have to work for the insurance companies and now for the government, said Dr. Blackwell.

While Saunders said they worry, he did commend South Carolina representatives and Governor Nikki Haley.

Because they are protecting us from being forced into completely going into the Obamacare system, our representatives are still trying to find a way to make it still comfortable for businesses to come here, said Saunders.

The South Carolina Democratic Party, however, responded to the press conference by saying, What's 'not working' for South Carolina is Nikki Haley's incompetence and record of economic failure that hurts the people and businesses of this state every single day.

But for this small business, Saunders says they fear the worst from Obamacare.

We're so unsure of everything it's just smarter unfortunately to keep the overhead down to hold back, said Saunders.

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